ABOUT US/WHAT WE DO           
We at Global Sculptures and Metal Art specialize in artistic blacksmithing and metalworking. Using both contemporary and traditional forging techniques in working with iron, steel, copper, brass, and stainless steel we produce works of high quality and of highest standards. All works are hand made and forged at our studio.

Our work ranges from architectural works such as staircases, railings, balustrades, gates, fences, lighting fixtures, and artistic motifs, to furniture, Sculptures, large scale installations, public art, and interior design. We also specialize in restoration and recreation of historic architectural and ornamental works as well as weapons, armor, artifacts, and religious relics.

We work closely with clients to develop any project from conceptual design to finished work or we work from sketches or photographs. We can also produce samples if required.

With every commission we undertake we are responsible for design, forging, fabrication, finishing the project to required specifications (polishing, paint finishes), and installation on site.

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Pawel Guba           

Artist blacksmith&Designer